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Caution: Do not squeeze to excess - it is possible to cause pubic symphysis pain with this exercise!
Pillow Squeeze:- Start Position
  1. Lie in the Relaxation Position (Ref: Relaxation Position) with a pillow between your knees, and your feet together on the floor.
Pillow Squeeze:- Action
  1. Breathe in wide and full.
  2. Zip and enguage the pelvic floor. Maintain pelvic neutral.
  3. Breathe out and at the same time, squeeze the pillow as hard as you can!.
  4. Now breathe normally. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Maintain pelvic neutral! Keep upper body relaxed!
  5. Repeat 5 times.
  1. The harder you can zip, and engage the pelvic floor, and bring your navel to your spine, the greater the benefit!
  2. Don't squeeze the pillow, too hard - see above caution!
  3. This is an isometric (no actual movement) exercise.
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Position for the Pillow Squeeze:- PillowSqueeze.gif (4K)
What it does:-
  • Strengthens inner thigh: Great preparation for horse riding, skating and sports requiring leg agility.
  • The inner thigh (adductor muscles) anchor the hip joint in its socket, and aid in stabilizing the sacro-iliac joint.
Watch Points:-
  1. Maintain pelvic neutral!
  2. Keep your upper body and arms relaxed!
  3. Keep your neck relaxed! (Feel free to place a small cushion under your head).
Useful related exercises:-
If you have buttock pain and or lower back pain related to an over-mobile sacro-iliac joint, I recommend:-
  • Double leg Battement.
  • Spine Curl with Pillow.
  • Hip flexor stretch.
  • Hip adductor stretch.
  • Hip flexor stretch with crossed leg.
Caution! Do not perform the "pretzel stretch"! Perform all stretches around the hip and lumbar area under strict "zip, hollow, and pelvic neutral " conditions.

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