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  Dynamic Lumbar stabilization Exercis:   fine control of zip & hollow Pilates Information
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Fine Control of the Zip and Hollow- Start Position
  • Lie in the Relaxation Position in pelvic neutral.
  • Imagine four buttons along the mid line of your abdomen:-
    1. On the pubic symphysis.
    2. Mid-way between the pubic symphysis and the belly button.
    3. On the belly button.
    4. Just below the breast bone.
Fine Control of the Zip and Hollow- Action
  1. Lengthen up through the spine and tuck your chin slightly.
  2. Gently zip and hollow over button 1.
  3. Gently zip and hollow from buttons 1 to 2.
  4. Gently zip and hollow from button 1 to 3.
  5. Gently zip and hollow over the entire mid line of your abdomen.
  6. Now slowly increase the force of the zip and hollow over the entire length of your abdominal mid-line -increase gradually, and keep the rest of your body relaxed!
  7. Now relax back to a gentle level 1 or 2 zip and hollow. Try to maintain this level throughout your day!

(Dynamic Lumbar stabilization exercises for the lower abdominal muscles, Scroll right>>>>....)
Fine Control of Zip & Hollow:-

Dynamic control, Lumbar stabilization,

Watch Points:-

Maintain a relaxed and properly positioned body, specifically:-
  • Avoid that "tight assed" feel!
  • Don't let the Rectus abdominus (the "washboard abs") cut in.
  • Gently anchor your scapulas!
  • Maintain Pelvic Neutral.
  • You should be able to breathe easily.

(Dynamic Lumbar stabilization for the lower abdominal muscles: 100 © Bruce Thomson, EasyVigour Project)
A Dynamic Stabilization Exercise:-
  • Applying a gentle zip and hollow through the day means that the transvsersus abdominis will automatically trigger when required to dynamically fulfil its role in lumbar stability.

The most subtle part of the zip and hollow is to contract the front part of your pelvic floor muscles without gripping about the anus or under the tail bone (that's that "tight assed" feel).
  • In women, it should feel like sucking water up into the vagina!
  • In men, the movement is "raising the urethra" - imagine wading into a very cold river!
Zip and Hollow throughout the day!
  • Once you have mastered the gentle zip and hollow while in the relaxation position, try it lying on your stomach, and standing.
  • During most activities, such as walking, jogging or gardening, you only need to zip and hollow to level 1 or 2.