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  Lower back injury rehabilitation exercises (2): table top with leg action Pilates Information
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Table Top with Leg Action:- Start Position
  1. Kneel on all fours, hands a little wider apart than your shoulders, and knees a little wider than your hips (Quaduped position).
  2. Scapulas anchored and Pelvic neutral .
  3. Breathe in and maintain a long spine.
Table Top with Leg Action (Simple):- Action
  1. Zip and hollow and (breathing out): gently clench the left buttock and slide your left leg away until it is straight but the toe is still touching the floor. As much as possible, don't move the pelvis. Anchor the scapulas.
  2. (Breathing out): Return the leg and relax.
  3. Repeat three to five times each leg.
Table Top with Leg Action (Advanced):
  1. The same as for "simple", but once the leg is extended, lift it off the ground. How high is up to your strength and ability, but do not go beyond hip height.
  • Following on from the work of Richardson and Jull (2), this is one of a series of lower back injury rehabilitation exercises that are widely recommended by physiotherapists.
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Lower back injury rehabilitation exercises (2): The Table Top with Leg Action
Start Position
Lower back injury rehabilitation exercises (2): Table Top Start Position

Action (Simple Table Top)
Picture: Simple Table Top

Action (Advanced Table Top)
Picture: Advanced Table Top
What it does
  • Weakness of the Multifidis muscles is a major problem for those who suffer from lower back injury or pain. This exercise triggers the multifidis muscle to function.
  • By clenching the buttock, you engage the Gluteus maximus, which in turn tenses the thoracolumbar fascia. The thoraco-lumbar fascia aids in stiffening and supporting the lower back.
Watch Points
  • Hollow the abdomen!
  • The pelvis remains stable and does not tilt.
  • Keep the scapulas gently anchored.
  • Keep the neck long and relaxed and look down, not at the wall.
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