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Pilates Alexander Technique
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This is not a strength exercise, but it will still make you strong. Concentrate upon the feel of a stable spine that does not twist or buckle when it is challenged.
Shake Hands with a Child:- Start Position
  1. Refer to "how to stand correctly" in "The Monkey Squat"
  2. With your right foot, step forward about 45 cm (18 inches).
  3. Bend you knees slightly, and at the same time clench both buttocks and keep them clenched throughout.
Shake Hands with a Child:- Action While performing this exercise, concentrate on the feeling of a relaxed but perfectly stable spine.
  1. Breathe in and, (while breathing out): Reach down and forward and use your left hand to shake hands with an imaginary child. Most of your weight will transfer to your right leg.
  2. Hold and breathe in.
  3. (Breathing out): Rise and go back to putting the weight equally on your feet again. Take your time, and
  4. Repeat four to 10 times both sides.
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Start Position
  • This is not a strength exercise, but it will still make you strong!
  • It will feel strange to have the left hand forward at the same time that the right foot is forward. Don't let that worry you! Just concentrate on not twisting your spine!
What it does
  • Teaches the lazy Gluteus maximus to work(4)!
  • Teaches your mind and body to work together to achieve spinal stability.
Watch Points
  • Do not let your spine twist.
  • Keep your scapulas anchored.
  • If you feel any tension developing, stop! Consciously relax the tense part, and then restart.
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