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Pilates Alexander Technique
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You need a tennis ball for this exercise
Hip Rolls:- Start Position
  1. Lie on your back in the relaxation position with both arms out to the side and palms up.
  2. Bring your knees up one at a time to your chest, and put the tennis ball between your knees.
  3. Thighs at right angle to body.
  4. Pelvic neutral and Scapulas anchored.
Hip Rolls:- Action
  1. Breathe in and zip and hollow.
  2. (Breathing out): Slowly lower both legs a little toward the right and look to the left. At the same time, turn the left palm down. This will remind you to anchor your left scapula and keep it on the mat.
  3. Breathe in and (while breathing out): zip hard and use the "strong center" to bring your legs back to the middle. At the same time return your head to the middle and the palm of your left hand upward.
  4. Repeat, but this time lower both legs toward the left.
  5. Repeat six to eight times each side, going a little further each time.
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Hip Rolls:
Start Position
  1. This exercise will initially feel strange because the legs are being moved by the abdominal muscles while the leg muscles actually take a holiday.
  2. Stay in control with this exercise. Emphasize smaller movements with precision to start with.
What it does
  • Integrates a number of movements combined with core stability. Your mind is given a lot to concentrate on! That's great for learning to consciously optimize your body positioning and movement.
Watch Points
  • Scapulas anchored and on the mat!
  • Knees together! - That is what the tennis ball is for.
  • The abdominals do the work: you are moving the legs by "stomach power" (the Pilates Powerhouse Mari Winsor), not "leg power"!
  • Don't let the weight of your legs pull you out of control!
  • Relax you neck as you look the opposite way to the leg movement.
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