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  Pilates exercise:   The Cork Screw Pilates Information
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The Cork Screw:- Start Position
  1. Stand correctly.
  2. Apply the scapular anchor.
The Cork Screw:- Action
  1. Breathe in and lengthen up through the spine. Zip and hollow
  2. (Breathing out): float your arms up like the wings of an eagle until they come to rest behind your head.
  3. (Breathing in): Shrug your shoulders up to your ears.
  4. (Breathing out): Drop your shoulders back down.
  5. (Breathing in): Gently bring your shoulder blades together. Your elbows will go back, but not out of sight.
  6. (Breathing out): Float your arms back down (like an eagles wings in reverse). Let your head and neck lengthen up as your arms go down (like the cork out of a bottle!).
  7. Repeat three to five times.
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The Cork Screw:
Start Position
  • It's called the corkscrew because the last part feels like a cork being cork-screwed out of a bottle!
  • This is a great exercise to do if you have been desk bound for some time, or you have been carrying a lot of shoulder tension. It is a little complicated, but worth getting right.

What it does
  • Works the muscles that run between the torso and the shoulder blade.
  • Encourages the Scapula to move in correct ratio with the humerus (the "scapulo-humeral rhythm"[1]).
  • (Assuming you are applying your scapular anchor): Specifically works two muscles that are very commonly weak and elongated beyond their ideal functional length. These muscles are the Lower Trapezius and the Serratus anterior(1).
Watch Points
  • Do not arch your back as you bring your scapulas together.
  • (Except for the moment of the shrug), do your best to maintain the scapular anchor.
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  2. The Official Body Control Pilates Manual Available from:

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