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Kneeling hip flexor stretch:- Start Position
  1. Kneel with your right knee on the ground and your left knee up (see diagram).
  2. Pelvic Neutral
  3. Anchor your scapulas.
  4. Chin gently tucked.
Kneeling hip flexor stretch:- Action
  1. Zip and hollow and breathe in.
  2. (Breathing out): lean forward while keeping your torso and pelvis upright.
  3. (Breathing in): maintain "Zip and Hollow", and at the same time, return to the start position.
  4. Five times each leg!
What this exercise does-
  • Teaches you to move your hip joints into extension while not moving your lumbar spine. You will find that your abdominal muscles working hard to achieve the desired lumbo-pelvic stability!
  • Stretches the Rectus femoris. This is a much neglected stretch.
Kneeling hip flexor stretch: (Scroll right>>>>...)
Kneeling hip flexor stretch:
Start Position:-
Pilates low back pain- Sir Galahad Start Position
Pilates low back pain- Sir Galahad Action

  • This stretch covers all the hip flexors but especially the iliopsoas muscles.
  • The Rectus femoris (part of the Quadriceps group), is the most frequently injured of the quadriceps muscle group(3), and it can be emphasized by bringing the foot of the back leg up and resting it on a chair or against a wall (not shown).
Rectus femoris
Watch Points for the Sir Galahad

  • The aim is to maintain a stable pelvis, not to do an all out stretch! Do not let the Rectus femoris and other hip flexor muscles cause your pelvis and torso to deviate.
  • Maintain chin tuck and scapular anchor!

All the hip flexor muscles tend to shorten and become over-tense. This means that during walking or running, the hip flexors de-stabilize lumbo-pelvic movement.
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