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Saturday night fever:- start position
  1. Sit facing the back of a kitchen chair.
  2. Pelvic neutral, Long Back, Scapulas anchored.
Saturday night fever:- action
  1. Zip and hollow and inhale.
  2. (Exhaling): With left hand pointed upward stretch your left elbow toward the sky! At the same time, let your right shoulder drift downward!
  3. Inhale into the left side ribs and hold the stretch for 3 seconds.
  4. (Exhaling and with hand stil lpointing twoard the sky): relax your left elbow down so that the shoulders are level.
  5. Repeat three to five times.
  6. Repeat for your right hand.
It's "Saturday Night Fever" because the arm pointed to the ceiling reminds us of John Travolta in the movie of that name.
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Saturday night fever: action
(Getting the upper back to side-flex).
BSideBendL BSideBendR
Same person doing a simple side bend. Note the none uniform curve when bending to the right. This person feels pain upon bending to the right.
What it does
The upper back is stiffer than the middle or lower lumbar region. (See lower right hand diagram). When this happens, one spot in the middle or lower lumbar spine can take up most of the side bend movement for the whole back, putting it under excessive strain, and pain results.

Standard side bending tends to reinforce lumbar spinal movement. The Saturday night fever side-bend encourages just the upper spine to flex to the side.

Watch Points
  • Long spine! - Don't let the back arch!
  • Put the movement into the upper half of the back
  • ove the torso "between two panes of glass"
  • If you have back pain upon bending either to the left or the right, ask a friend to take pictures similar to the lower two pictures.
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