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Pelvic Neutral: Start
  1. Lie down in the Relaxation Position
Before we can find “Pelvic Neutral” alignment, we need to explore the full range of pelvic tilt.

Pelvic Neutral: Action

Caution! Do not push your pelvic tilt beyond the level of mild discomfort! The first thing we are going to do is explore the full range of pevic tilt.
  1. Imagine there is a clock face attached to the front of your pelvis and looking forward.
  2. Make your clock face "look upward" toward your head by tilting your pelvis so that 6 o'clock is higher than 12 o'clock. Hold, and take a couple of shallow breathes.
  3. Now make your pelvic "clock face" look downward by tilting your pelvis so that 6 o'clock is below 12 o'clock . Hold and take a couple of shallow breathes.
  4. Now come back to the centre of your pelvic range of movement. You should still have a small natural arch in your back (not quite enough to get your fingers under). Relax, and get the feel of pelvic neutral into your mind!
The "pelvic clock face" is now looking straight ahead. This is Pelvic Neutral!

(Pilates Pelvic Clock & Pelvic Alignment Exercises, Scroll right>>>>....)
(1) Relaxation Position
Relaxation Position
(2) Clock Looking toward 12
Pelvic Alignment Exercise - Looking Upward
(3) Clock looking toward 6

Pelvic Alignment Exercise - Looking Downward
(4)Clock looking straight ahead
Pelvic Alignment Exercise - Looking Straight 

What this Exercises do:
  • Places the joint between the hips and the spine (lumbo-sacral joint) at its mid-point.
  • Teaches the feel of pelvic neutral.
  • This is the first of the pelvic alignment exercises!
  • The lumbo-sacral joint is one of the most vulnerable joints in the body. 50% of lumbar disc herniations occur at this point!
  • All joints are strongest and least prone to damage at or around their “mid-point”. The lumbo-sacral joint is no exception to this rule!
You and your body do not automaticaly know a joint's strong middle point, but they can be taught!

Further information on Pelvic Alignment Exercises, refer:-

"Left Looking, or twisted Pelvis"
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