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An Exercise for Lower Left Back Pain and Lower Right Back Pain!

Seated Leg-Butt Raise (Basic), Start Position:-
  1. Sit in a chair, knees same height as pelvis.
  2. Place hands on chair to side of buttocks.
  3. Pelvic Neutral and spine lengthening upward.
  4. Anchor your scapulas.
  5. Chin gently tucked.
Seated Leg-Butt Raise (Basic):- Action
  1. (Stay relaxed: no zip and hollow just yet):Lift your left foot slightly off the ground and feel the weight of your pelvis shift over to the left buttock. Take note if your left knee has shifted backward (see diagram).
  2. Zip & hollow, & lift your left buttock so that your weight is transferred to the right buttock.
  3. Maintain zip and hollow, and position your left knee to be level with your right.
  4. Hold the position for two breathes, and relax.
  5. Repeat both sides, two to five times.
The Seated Leg-Butt Raise (Advanced):- Action
  1. Same as for Basic, but this time place your hands on your thighs, & use your right leg to push yourself firmly into the back of the chair.
lower pain on left side of back, pictures (Scroll right>>>...)
Pictures, Leg-Buttock Raise, Start Position & Action:-
Picture ofExercise for lower right back pain etc.
Picture of exercise for lower left back pain etc.
Left Leg and butt raised:-
Left Knee is behind right knee. The lumbar spine has twisted, & the pelvis is "looking to the left":-
Left looking pelvis
Left Leg and butt raised:-
The subject has corrected his lumbar spinal twist and aligned his pelvis so that the knees are now level.
pelvic alignment
What this exercise does-
  • Specifically enhances the internal abdominal oblique muscle on the side or sides that your pelvis tends to look towards.
  • It thus goes a long way to minimizing left or right sided lower back pain.
Chiropractors often treat the following complaints:-
  • lower pain on left side of back
  • lower left back and buttocks pain
  • lower right back pain
  • right quadrant lower back pain
  • severe pain in lower right side of back
  • pelvic torqued causing alignment problems
The issues are complex and experts cannot even use a uniform set of terms, let alone communicate treatments to their patients! Only physiotherapist Shirley Sahrmann has seriously attempted to categorize & describe left or right sided lower back pain. Her syndromes are (in order of observed frequency):-
  1. Lumbar Rotation-extension syndrome
  2. Lumbar extension syndrome
  3. Lumbar rotation syndrome
  4. Lumbar Rotation-flexion syndrome
  5. Lumbar Flexion syndrome
This author simplifies back pain therapy by identifying & correcting "left or right looking pelvis", & using the Pilates concept of pelvic neutral to encourage the client to avoid extremes of lumbar flexion and/or extension(2).

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  2. Bruce Thomson Left Looking_Pelvis
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